Q. How will the funds be used?

A. The money will be given directly to the individuals who were injured, and it will also be  used to: 
• purchase food for first responders at the scene
• cover lost wages that won't be covered by insurance
• help businesses rebuild
• support families who lost loved ones in the explosion (Lee family)


Q. how will you send the funds to the parties the individuals and businesses mentioned above?

A. The money will be collected by Upstream Works Collaborative who will distribute a set amount to each of the injured individuals (amount TBD), then following the other list above as needed. This means we’ll be able to distribute the funds through a 501(c)3 starting as soon as possible. The money will be brought directly to the individual or in extreme cases, will be brought to families through hospital social workers. Our team will still be overseeing donations and the entire process.

Q. Who is part of the team?

A. The fund was initially started by Rebekah Miel, but the larger team includes Annette Adamska, Louise Newton, Eunice Chang and others. Ellie Snow built this website with the help of Dana Deanna. There is an advisory board in the works but will include Downtown Durham Inc and offices in the City of Durham.

Q. how will you find the parties mentioned above?

A. We’ve identified 1/3 of the injured and have a communication strategy to reach out to support members for the rest. We still don’t want to reach out to the injured or their families directly, but if anyone wants to contact us directly, rebekah@mieldesignstudio.com is the fastest way to reach the team. We don’t want anyone to be overlooked, so we’re working with a lawyer to draft a simple intake form to request funds. The form will be ready as soon as possible.

Q. who took the photos on this site?

A. We are grateful to Jessie Gladdek for the generous use of her photographs.